How to Activate MCB Debit Card For Online Shopping and Payments

How to Activate MCB Debit Card For Online Shopping and Payments



How to Activate MCB Debit Card for Online Shopping or Online Transactions

  • Call at MCB Helpline 111-000-622
  • Ask the customer service representative to activate debit card for online shopping
  • Provide the information regarding your account for verification
  • After verification, your MCB debit card will be activated for next 15 days for online shopping.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Online shopping and internet payment activation is valid for 15 days only from the date of activation.
  • After deactivation of service, customers are required to re-activate the service calling at MCB Help Line.
  • There are no transaction charges at all if payment is being made in Pak Rupee.
  • In the case of payment being made in an amount other than Pak Rupee, a 3.5% currency exchange fee will be deducted for each transaction.

There is good news for those Pakistani internet users who are found of online shopping or by any means are required to make online payments. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) in Pakistan is offering its debit card holders to enjoy their card for online shopping, payments or any other kind of online transaction.

According to a press release issued the MCB, this new feature is now by default part of its debit card services however the holders are required to go through an activation process to enable the service on their debit card account. So, if you have MCB Debit Card and want to make online shopping or payment, then you are first required to send an activation request to get the service enabled. There is no activation fee at all.

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