Congo Virus Hits Emergency in Pakistan

Congo Virus Hits Emergency in Pakistan


Congo Virus Hits

Preventive measures : The Livestock Department in Balochistan started the campaign against spreading of Congo virus. They started the spray of anti-ticks fluid on the animals, which are present in the cattle market so that they can stop spreading of the disease. But a lot of work is remaining to do against this disease. The cattle traders complained that the people of the livestock department came in the cattle market once but they did nothing to protect their animals from the fatal disease, Congo virus.

The health officials confirmed that Congo virus infection was spread in Afghanistan and it is coming from there. Dr Mukhtar, Medical Superintendant of Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital and TB Sanatorium said that total 84 cases of Congo virus have been reported in Balochistan since then, in which 62 patients belong to Afghanistan.

Congo Virus Hits 1

Out of total 84 patients, 22 patients were serious as the virus was incubated and the symptoms like vomiting, haemorrhage, liver and kidney failure start to appear in this disease. Dr Mukhtar said that 22 cases were reported to Polymerase Chain Reaction (PRC) in Aga Khan Hospital Karachi and they were found positive. Among these 22 patients, eight patients were died due to this disease, Congo virus. It is reported that over 20 persons have been died in this season in Pakistan due to this fatal disease.


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