FBR Starts Mobile Registration for Taxpayers status verification

FBR Starts Mobile Registration for Taxpayers status verification

FBR has recently introduced an SMS service for verification of taxpayers* status on Active Taxpayers list in order to eliminate difficulties faced by taxpayers and respective withholding agents in the remote or far flung areas where difficulties are being faced by them due to insufficient IT facilities and internet services.

Taxpayer Online Verification

This verification can he done by simply typing ‘ATL space 13 digit CNIC NO’ and sending it on ‘9966’ from the mobile phone.

Masses are advised that the newly introduced facility may be used to determine filer/non-filer status of the taxpayers from the Active Taxpayers List, wherever IT infrastructure or internet facilities are limited.

A senior FBR officer told yesterday that emergency and aggressive policy has been stated in order to complete the shortfall of Rs. 120 billion in the first 5 months of current fiscal year according to which new people will be brought in tax net through large taxpayer unit (LTU) and regional tax registration in regional tax offices.

There is modern computer system in these mobile AP vans and they will be sent in markets in the far flung areas of city where the traders will be given NTN through mobile tax registration units. The sources say that the traders will be recognized through their CNIC numbers through computer system present in these vans and the taxable people will be registered immediately and the tax will be received from them.

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