Honda City 2017 Release in Pakistan Specs & Price

Honda City 2017 Release in Pakistan Specs & Price



The new model of Honda City that has been as of now dispatched in the vast majority of the nations will make the introduction on the Pakistani roads on in the mid of 2017. It is truly a beast as can be seen the photo of the things propelled in a few countries.

But at the same time, Honda City is no doubt in direct competition with the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, and the Chevy Cruze. The leading technology that is even lacking in the Accord versions is the part of Honda City; this technology is named as modern new Touring technology by the Honda. This Touring technology provides the adaptive cruise control, aggressive assist system to keep the car on right track and auto braking system.2016-Honda-City-Flex-Fuel-1

The 10th generation car by the Honda will surely impress the riders in Pakistan because this time Honda has made huge improvements in Honda City 2017 as compared to the last generation cars. According to automobile gurus and expertise, there are still some flaws as well that are in the shape of less sharp in base trim; CVT lacks direct shift control and the standard four-cylinder are not up to the marks as these could be for providing more excitement to the riders.


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