NASA Plans To Sell International Space Station

NASA Plans To Sell International Space Station


NASA Plans To Sell

NASA has already started conversation with few private companies some time ago but their names haven’t been disclosed. But experts of space industry say that this agreement can be reached with either Boeing or Space X because new changes in the space station are made to make place for spacecrafts produced by these two countries.

The purpose of this progress seems to contain the ISS for longer duration in earth’s lower orbit that will help NASA to attain money for other large space research plans.

American space research department “NASA” is planning to sell its international space station due to large number of projects and fewer budgets.

In recent years, NASA has rearranged its priorities and they are taking interest on powerful space rockets and plans to reach Mars. In this situation, it is difficult for NASA to provide continuous money to international space station. Due to which now it is decided to hand over the space station to someone else.

It was told by NASA’s deputy associate administrator Bill Hill as he said that NASA is trying to do financially useful work in the lower orbit of earth. Now it is their desire to hand over this space station to a company or commercial institute so that basic research remained continued there.

Before that, it was decided that international space station (ISS) will be thrown on earth till 2016 from earth’s orbit but US President has extended this date till 2020. It gives some time to the ISS but funding is still a problem for the station.


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