Pakistan and China To Jointly Launch Satellite in 2018

Pakistan and China To Jointly Launch Satellite in 2018

Pakistan and China To Jointly Launch Satellite

Other Projects Under Collaboration

  • It is also known that both the countries are close friends and they help each other in different situations. China will help Pakistan in completing different projects besides the space technologies. There are different other projects including transportation, energy, car manufacturing and various other areas in which they are helping each other and these two countries are making the collaboration with each other in the coming future.
  • The technical staff of China is busy in different projects in Pakistan and the team of 20 engineers from China is working to design the railway track, which can connect Karachi, Peshawar and Havelian. When this project will be executed successfully, then it will form the trade route from China to Gawadar and connect it to the Chinese border in the north.

Electricity Shortfall Ending?

  • Both the countries are helping each other in the energy projects. The CPEC program will also cover the energy projects, which will be completed by 2018. After completing this program, the energy shortfall will be reduced. People can hope that the projects will be completed on time and line losses, theft of electricity and other problems concerned with electricity will be resolved.

New Gwadar Airport

  • Another development project is being carried out in Gawadar, which is the construction of new airport. The Chinese government has provided the funds for the construction of new airport and the cost of the new airport will be expected to $260 million. The airport will be big and the largest airplane like Airbus A-380 will also land on Gawadar airport.
  • All these projects seem well and these projects are excellent and for the benefit of Pakistan. When these projects will be completed successfully then it will bring prosperity for the general public of Pakistan but the corrupt people will try to grab more and more fund into their pockets to meet their unfair demands.
  • Now we keep our hopes high and these projects will be completed within the given time frame and all the concerned parties are working hard to complete them and avoid the undue delay.

Pakistan and China have prepared their own satellite and they are going to launch their satellite jointly in 2018. The government says that this satellite will be sent under China Pakistan Economic Corridor Program (CPEC). Pakistan and China have decided to collaborate with each other in the future space programs.


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