Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa 6 September 1965 Speech in Urdu

Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa


History of Pakistan Defence


Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa 6 September 1965 6th September 1965 is an important day in our military history. It reminds us of those days of September, when the Pakistan Armed Forces and the Indian aggression against the entire nation to defend their freedom and national dignity was.

Armed Forces Day brave Pakistani citizens showed unprecedented solidarity with the Pakistani people and the armed forces that the war was Beacon for future generations who will continue to work. tani Independence Day September 6 1965 war was fought between Pakistan and India. Pakistan won the war, lost badly in India. Pakistan’s Independence Day on September 6 says that to cease .


Defence Day Youm-e-Difa -Speech-Urdu

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