PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2016 Peshawar , Lahore, Karachi,

PIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2016  Peshawar , Lahore, Karachi,

Hajj Flights


HIA Hajj Flight Schedule 2016 are announced by the officials From different cities of Pakistan including Lahore Karachi Peshawar Faisalabad because the Hajj 2016 is coming and like all other countries from Pakistani Haji goes to the Saudi Arabia to Perform Hajj.

According to the official announcement first flight will take haji to the Saudi Arabia on August 2016 from Karachi and the last flight will depart on September, 2016 . P


  • PIA First Hajj Flight : August, 2016
  • PIA Last Hajj Flight : September, 2016
  • Total Number of Hajji From Pakistan : 55000
  • One Person Could Take Abe Zam Zam : 5 Litr


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