PIA Premier Service Shown Good Pictures

PIA Premier Service Shown Good Pictures


PIA’s New A330 Aircrafts PIA has taken three Airbuses A330 aircraft on lease from the Sri Lankan Airlines. These aircrafts are taken on wet lease and these aircrafts will be operated by Sri Lankan crew but these aircrafts are painted with PIA logo and they will travel for 11 hours a day. The cost of their traveling will be ranging from $88,000 per plane per day or total $264,000 for all three leased airplanes.

Launch Details for PIA’s Premier Service

  • The leased aircrafts will fly from Islamabad to London and back as the premiere service and the Prime Minister of Pakistan will inaugurate the premiere service on 14 August.
  • The airline is going to start the first flight of the premiere service PK-785 which will be departed from Islamabad airport at 14:00 hours on the 14 August, the independence Day. The viewers can watch some of the phones of the leased airplanes, which are given with this page.
  • The new service will start its operation with the professional crew and the services are offered with the international airlines.
  • PIA Premier Service Shown

PIA Premier Service Shown 1

PIA Premier Service Shown 2

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