Planet Discovered Having Similarity with Earth

Planet Discovered Having Similarity with Earth


Queen Marry University of London got the benefits from the observations having long duration with the help of two astronomical telescopes of European Southern Observatory. On the basis of the Dopler Effect, these observations were carried out between 2000 and 2014 and after that from January to March 2016. After the careful analysis and strong significant scrutiny, the experts were satisfied that they have discovered the new solar system around the ‘Proxema Santory’, the second closest star after the sun. It means that different planets are moving around this planet like our solar system.

The expert astronomers have discovered such a planet, which is moving around ‘Proxima Sanitory’ and it has mass 1.3 times than our Earth and it has the stony surface like the earth. They gave the name of ‘Proxima B’ to this planet. We found from the observation that ‘Proxima B’ can have the water in shape of liquid, which is the first condition of life. In other words, ‘Proxima B’ is the closest extrasolar planet, which has the possibility to have environment and temperature having great similarity with the Earth. The life can also exist there.

Planet Discovered Having

This discovery has great importance so various sources started spreading the unauthenticated information and rumors about this great discovery before the publishing of thesis in the research magazine. These rumors and information does not have correct information. However, the research thesis was published few days before and the correct information is brought before us.

According to these details, the planet ‘Proxima B’ is located at the distance of only 75 lac kilometers from its central planets (Proxima Sanitory). It covers one round around the Proxima Sanitory in 11.2 earth days. It has total distance from its central star is only 5% of the distance between the earth and the Sun, which is very less. But Proxima Sanitory is very less warm in compare to our Sun due to which the level of temperature on Proxima B will be suitable for the life.

The experts say that despite of all evidences, it will be before time to say about the existence of life on this star because despite of having less temperature, the x-rays emitting out from the level of this planet, they can make impossible the existence of life on this planet. For this reason, they have demanded the time of 10 years more to make detailed and cautious observation of the atmosphere and earth. If they find the suitable conditions for life, then probably they will send their robot space searchers in the next century.


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