Punjab MTMIS Online Vehicle Registration and Verification System

Punjab MTMIS Online Vehicle Registration and Verification System



Online Vehicle Registration by Punjab MTMIS via Website

  • Move to the website http://mtmis.punjab.gov.pk and enter the vehicle number as ABC 123 or whatever it is. In response, you will get tax or token submission date, and the name of the owner. This service can be used for verifying both motorcycles and cars registration.

Online Vehicle Registration by Punjab MTMIS via SMS

  • The procedure is same, just type the registration number in the format of ABC 1234 or whatever it is and send to 9966. You will get the status instantly. Charges are Rs. 1 +tax for each inquiry.

MTMIS Online Vehicle Registration

 Salient Features

  • Introduction of Proper Registration Mechanism in all the 36 Districts of the Punjab:
  • Customized Application of Motor Vehicle Registration with an outstanding Process Flow.
  • Replication, deployment, training and maintenance of MVR Application in all the districts of the Punjab.
  • Establishment of LAN Infrastructure at the district
  • Connectivity among all the Excise offices of the Punjab.
  • Centralized Databases.
  • The application is ready for online Token Tax Collection.
  • Registration of more than 3.6 Million Vehicles of different categories.
  • Facilitating LEAs by specifying Alphabets and Colors scheme of Registration Marks / Number Plates.
  • Introducing Specific Area Code preceded by category code (3rd Alphabet).Registration & for Post Registration Transactions.
  • State of the art facility in DHA Office Lahore has been launched.
  • Creation of Collection Centers for increasing revenue & efficient collection.
  • Mobile VAN for efficient Tax Collection.
  • Data Entry and Document Scanning of Historical files.
  • Automation stationery printing for issuing notices to tax defaulters.
  • Online connectivity with Customs Authorities for the verification of imported vehicles.
  • Online Data Sharing with other Provinces.
  • Online Verification of Vehicle throug  http://mtmis.punjab.gov.pk
  • Delivery of Documents through Courier Services.
  • Document Scanning of the Registered Vehicles.
  • The introduction of Return File System.
  • 2 Millions of Vehicles have been digitized scaled up to 8.6 Million.
  • An amount of Rs. 23 Billions have been collected so far under said project

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