Rio Olympics World Paralympic Games Schedule 2016

Rio Olympics World Paralympic Games Schedule 2016


Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule:

  • Brazil hosted time to come, has also intensified the political crisis in the country, people are frustrated by the economic downturn rulers, many people think that Brazil hosted the expensive sports event.
  • Avoiding the American champion tennis stars Bryan Brothers decided to Health defended the Olympics men’s doubles tennis gold medal while legitimacy problems, the players clearly.

Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games:

“A New World” will be 306 medal events in 28 sports events at the Olympic Games with the slogan, will be held in the historic stadium opening and closing ceremonies of the revisions have been completed all preparations, Kosovo and South Sudan Countries would be part of the first Olympic Games, Rugby Sevens and golf have been included in the Olympics, this time as a new sport, all sports events in Rio five cities in Brazil with the 33 venues of the city, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brazil and in Manaus.



Rio Olympics Schedule 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule

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