Teachers Punjab Scale Up Gradation Notification PST& EST SST 2017

Teachers Punjab Scale Up PST& EST SST 2017

Teachers Punjab Scale Up Gradation PST& EST SST 2017 Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued notification of up gradation PST BPS 9 & EST BPS 14 & SST BPS 16 to next pay scale w.e.f 01-01-2018.

Section officer (SE-III), Government of the Punjab, School Education Department, kindly refer to his letter No. SO (SE-III) 5-11/2017 dated 28.08.2017, on the subject noted above.

Primary Teacher (PST) has up graded from BPS 09 to BPS 14 w.e.f (01-01-2018).Finance department Govt, of the Punjab has approved the following up gradation in pay scale.

Elementary Teachers (EST) who are working in BPS 14 will be awarded BS 15 & similarly BS 15 scale holders teachers will also receive BPS 16.Please note that all up gradation will be shown as (personal). Those persons who are working as EST in BPS 16 will be awarded two annual increments.

Secondary School Teachers (SST) will also receive two annual increments.Please note that this up gradation of Pay scale and annual increments will be effective from 1st January 2018.


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