Zong Lakh Pati Offer Winner Full Lists

Zong Lakh Pati Offer Winner Full Lists



How to Participate in Zong Lakh Paati Offer :

  • Text “START” or dial 6363 Now. PKR 17,000,000 in 119 days

Zong declared Two winners every Day:

  • List of Daily Zong Lakh Paati Offer.
  • Also, ALL participants win IVR minutes of Zong Music Lounge content with every answer* to the trivia questions. Participants who participate will get 30 minutes IVR content for every answer
  • Price per SMS sent to 6363: PKR 11.95 VAT including. Price per minute/answer (phone game): PKR 11.95 VAT including, Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Entering the campaign is very easy – just send one SMS to 6363 from your Zong number to get started.

Zong Lakh Paati Offer Prizes:

  • For the next 119 days starting from October 5th, 2015 every Zong subscriber which participates in the “Lakh Pati Offer” campaign has the opportunity to win great prizes. Text “START” to 6363 now to get started.

Zong Telecom has Introduced New Lakh Patti Offer 2 and You can get 10 Lac Every month. ZONG, is launching a Promotional Campaign (hereinafter the “Promotion”) to promote its IVR Bundle (hereinafter the “Designated Product”) and as an incentive has also organized a supplementary quiz and lucky draw contest (hereinafter the “Contest”) titled “ Zong Lakh Pati Offer ” which forms a part of the Promotion.

Zong Lakh Pati Offer Winner Lists Download


  • Send START or blank SMS or any other keyword to 6363 or dial 6363. As a reply you will receive a welcome message and a question with 2 possible answers.
  • Send an SMS to 6363 (PKR 11.95/SMS, VAT included) indicating the answer you believe is the right one You will receive a reply SMS notifying you whether your answer is correct or wrong.

A new question follows.

  • Keep playing and answering questions to increase your score as well as increase your chances to win.


  • SMS Charges: Rs.10 + tax for SMS code 6363

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